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BookExpo America 2013 - Disorderly Coconuts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
うさ-p: It got all pruny in the brain water.

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BookExpo America 2013 [Jun. 1st, 2013|07:59 pm]
うさ-p: It got all pruny in the brain water.
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First time at the BookExpo today. Brought home a huge haul: 49 books in 5 tote bags on 2 bruised and aching shoulders. All huge trade paperbacks or hardcovers too. Quite the strength-building workout and when this ibuprofen wears off I'm going to regret it.

I just learned of it last week and decided to go. (It is ridiculous, btw, that I hang out on bookish social websites all day every day and still I don't learn of these events. Same with the Brooklyn book festival that I discover every year the day after.)

After the big disappointment NY Comic Con was this year (a way too crowded disappointment) I think I'm going to trade off to the Book Expo instead for the next year or two. Most of the swag I bring home from NYCC are books anyway at this point. Also one day as a pack mule beats 2-3 days of pack-muling.

[User Picture]From: emeraldus
2013-06-02 05:33 am (UTC)
So what'd you get? Was it freebie stuff?
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[User Picture]From: usa_p
2013-06-03 04:11 am (UTC)
Just the books, but that's what I was there for. It's mostly for publishers, booksellers, librarians and book professionals to get cozy together, but they open the last day to the public. Some of the publishers giveaway advanced reader copies for review, but no one is allowed to sell anything. (Some of them still do anyway, but they're not supposed to).

I came home with more books than I might at the comic con, but the comic con stuff tends to be pre-selected to be sci-fi or fantasy, so a greater percentage of those books I keep to try. With this pile I'd say at best I'll keep 30 to try, and swap the other 19.
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[User Picture]From: emeraldus
2013-06-04 05:43 pm (UTC)
Technical books or fiction?
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[User Picture]From: usa_p
2013-06-07 01:55 am (UTC)
There were both, but since my non-fiction tastes are science/math/linguistics, I only brought home fiction because I didn't see any freebies of that type. There was gardening and sociology to give away, and even a booth with what looked like genetics textbooks, but no freebies from them. Too expensive, I'm sure. But I also didn't get down every aisle becuase I was loaded up by 11 a.m. and by 1 p.m. was barely able to move around I was so laden. Like seriously camel-level burden going on.
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