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うさ-p: It got all pruny in the brain water.

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Home for the holidays [Dec. 21st, 2013|01:43 am]
うさ-p: It got all pruny in the brain water.
[Current Mood |Merry]

I have re-emerged, complete with picture of my Christmas tree which we finally finished putting up a few moments ago. I swear that lens flare wasn't on purpose, but I do think it made a cool effect.

WIN_20131221_010853 (2)

I also swear that one day I will stop neglecting this blog, especially considering the fun I used to have with it. I have read so many good books lately. So many!

Lights on and lights off. Not that there's must difference. That honking star is almost as good as my actual overhead light. Still need to make some adjustments to balance out the tree lights and break up color blocking.

Happy solstice!