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うさ-p: It got all pruny in the brain water.

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If it's not one thing, it's another. [Nov. 2nd, 2012|07:40 pm]
うさ-p: It got all pruny in the brain water.

In addition to needing a new roof, windows, lintels, brickwork, and cementwork to the exterior of the house, lest we feel left out of the hurricane damage, our old, sputtering boiler finally passed away so we have no heat.

Argh. This is years of savings and a lot of money to shell out at once. Also our upstairs rental apartment was just vacated last month, so now we don't have a good part of our income. It hasn't been updated in 20 years, and we were going to try to scrape enough to fix some of it, so we could get it rented to pay for the roof, but now we can't afford to update it at all, at least not for a long time, since the money that might have gone into it is now going to buy a boiler.

On the one hand, demand for rentals is high because the Hurricane has displaced thousands of people, and I'm thankful my house was not affected and is still standing, but on the other hand I've had better years....

[User Picture]From: wildcherrypepsi
2012-11-14 08:30 pm (UTC)
Getting a New Boiler = " NOT PRICELESS".
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[User Picture]From: usa_p
2012-11-18 11:29 pm (UTC)
No, definitely not!
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